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Burton Bradstock Stand Up Paddleboard Hire

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Our Community Matters

After the success of our Tag A Hero campaign last year, we wanted to go one better!

Mental health and wellbeing challenges within our communities have never been so prominent. We are in a time where 1 in 6 people report a mental health problem in any given week in England alone, and 74% of adults have felt stressed to the point of being unable to cope in the last year.  We believe that we all have a moral responsibility to do what we can in reaction to these figures.

The effects of the last 24 months have been incredibly challenging for all of us, and have certainly added to and compounded the challenges we are facing. Seeing people we know around us facing some of these challenges pushed us to want to do more and make a positive difference to people – however small!

Scientific studies have shown that simply being near bodies of water can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. For us, paddleboarding does exactly that! It helps us with life’s stresses and challenges, giving us a chance to mentally relax and recharge in a calming environment often shared with others around us.

This got us thinking ....

What could we do with the means and equipment we have?

Taking inspiration from Toms Shoes (The Toms Effect – if you don’t know then look it up), we decided to offer free use of our equipment to people around us that would benefit. So, we launched a giveaway, asking you guys to nominate somebody you knew that deserved or could benefit from getting onto the water – the nominations poured in, and the boards flew out! The feedback was extremely positive.

In addition to our Tag A Hero incentive, we will be offering free of charge drop-in sessions where you can come down to have a go, have a chat or just chill out with others doing the same.

Keep an eye on our social media for dates and times! ……
We hope this will be popular so if you want to use the equipment please get in touch with us before the day so we can ensure we have availability, if you’re coming for the social then just turn up!


We want to help - We do care

Please come down and get involved

*Hire terms and conditions apply and must be signed for use of any equipment*